Oslovelo Sykkelverksted AS

Handlebar bag rental - Size 8L

150 kr

Pack all the gear you need and enjoy the freedom of bikepacking. FrontLoader is perfect for carrying light yet bulky items like sleeping bags, camping gear and spare clothing. Featuring a tough outer support harness and constructed of durable abrasion and water resistant materials, it’s easily installed or removed with two straps, special spacer mounts and quick release buckles. A backside head tube strap attachment increases load stability. An 8 liter removable waterproof drybag keeps contents completely protected from wet weather and splashes while a built-in air release button purges unwanted air from the bag to effectively compress its contents.

When you rent this accessory, you do not need to define the dates. It will automatically be added to your bike rental booking, for the entire rental period you have choosen.

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